Our technology

Based on statistical models and machine learning, our technology constantly recovers thousands of data from several hundred open-data sources.

  • 1


    Our robots scan and aggregate relevant data available online. This method guarantees a permanent and automated update od the data.

  • 2


    From hundreds of open-data sources and supplemented by real or declarative data, our processes automatically transform the different data formats into the final format that will be returned to the user.

  • 3

    Creation of sectorial profiles

    Our algorithms create sectorial profiles through statistical recurrences. These profiles allow us to assign resources and waste to companies on which we do not have real data.

  • 4


    Our models refine the profiles and personalize them with data specific to each company.

  • 5


    The company files are then enriched with the essential data for canvassing : telephone and e-mail of prospects.

  • 6

    Manual verification and uploading

    Our analysts verify representative samples of the data by calling the companies. As soon as our models are validated by the data team, the data is available for our customers to use.

  • 7


    Our customers provide us with their feedback on the quality of the predictions and data in the tool, which allows us to continuously improve our tool.

Our key figures

More than 6 years of experience in waste data

  • 800.000+

    Industries and farms in the database

  • 267

    Data sources that feed the system 24 hours a day

  • 135.000

    Tons of waste sourced through our technology

  • 200

    Types of waste distributed: plastic bio-waste, wood….

Leader in the detection of industrial and agricultural waste

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