Your waste fractions, on a silver plate

Our technology gives you access to 800, 000 sources of industrial and agricultural waste.

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  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners

iNex sourcing, the 1st technology of identification and qualification of waste for recyclers and industrials


Set up in the right place

with a cartographic analysis and precise key figures for the entire territory


Feed your plants with material

from relevant deposits near your production units


Provide your sales representatives with leads

thanks to the strategic contacts of more than 800,000 companies

Detect in 3 clicks the waste in your area

Select a waste from a specific nomenclature (bio-waste, plastics, wood, etc…) and get the list of companies

Get relevant contacts

Approach highly qualified companies with their phones, emails and all the details of their waste: tonnage, characteritics, seasonality…

Analyse your territory

Get accurate statistics that allow you to know the potential of deposits in your area

Our added values

Save time

A new work ergonomics :

    3 clicks = a study of serveral months 
    No more manual ratio calculation in Excel needed
    No intermediaries (firms, traders…)

Cost efficiency

Our study with 20 recyclers showed:

    30% time saved for a sales representative
    80% reduction in targeting errors
    Acquisition of the deposits 75% faster

Secure investments

Our tool reinforces your certainty to invest

    Accurate and up-to-date data
    An extensive analysis of companies
    Data verified by our data team

Our customers

iNex Sourcing is aimed for all companies looking for industrial and agricultural waste fractions


Energy specialists



Make your existing units profitable, create new ones in the right place

Our tool is intented at services : investments, infrastructures, marketing and sales. It allows you to feed units in decline, creat new ones in the right place and analyze your territory (Europe) in real time.
In a few clicks you have your answers for strategic or commercial meetings.

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